Hypnotherapy Waterford

I would like to introduce you my brother, Richard.

Richard runs a private hypnotherapy clinic in Boatstrand Co.Waterford called Safe Harbour

www.SafeHarbour.ie is Waterford’s only full time hypnotherapy clinic and was established in 2005. Richard is a qualified and insured Clinical Hypno-therapist and Analytical Psychotherapist.

Richard deals with a large range of issues with children, teenager and adults and offers a free 30 minute consultation before you start therapy.

Treatments will typically involve teaching you self-hypnosis in the first session and then making each client a personalized Hypnosis CD in the second session. Treatments range from “suggestion therapy” which are short interventions for simpler issues to “analytical therapy” which involves a handful of sessions to find the root causes of more complex symptoms.

Examples of short “suggestion therapy” programmes

Stop Smoking - 1 session – our A.S.H. program (Achieve a Smoke free Healthy life)

Weight Loss – 4 sessions –– our T.H.I.N. program ( the Thin Healthy Invigorated New you)

Bed Wetting – usually only 2 sessions – for kids. Called The D.A.T.A. program ( Dry Again Tonight and Always)

Other examples of simple suggestion therapies would include, Fears and phobias, nail biting, pain control, public speaking, child birth, etc.

Examples of “analytical therapy”

Deep anxiety, panic attacks, stuttering, ulcers, blood pressure, eating disorders, drinking, drug use, trauma, confidence, emotional problems, frustrations, anger, headaches, IBS, blushing, surviving abuse, depression, guilt, insomnia, self-esteem, sexual problems, OCD, compulsions, recurring dreams, low energy, low mood, restlessness, irritability, suicidal thoughts etc, basically any issue where psychological forces are at play.

If you feel that you have an issue that is inside you but outside of your control then give him a call and he can answer all the questions you will have before you even start.

t. 051-396776
e. richard@safeharbour.ie
w. www.safeharbour.ie